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Workshop 2: How – and Why – to Create a Theoretical Framework for Dissertational Theses

Theories and methodology are the backbone of every scientific work. However, it can be difficult at times to find the theories and approaches that meet our demands in research. Can theories of modernization really help to understand historical processes? Is discourse analysis helpful in the case at hand? Doctoral researchers should be aware of theories and methodologies that enhance their ongoing projects. But they should also dare to develop their own ideas regarding existing models and theories. So the workshop has three goals: helping to understand and implement theories into one’s own research, but also to enhance these theories if necessary.

In this workshop we are going to discuss dissertational projects with a special focus on theories and methods. In order to deepen the discussion, papers will have to be delivered in advance (deadline March 1, 2019). The workshop participants will present their project in 10 minutes, afterwards every participant has to comment one of the others before we come to an open discussion, supporting the researcher in developing the theoretical framework of his research project.

How to apply

Please, send an abstract (200 words max.) of your research project with a focus on the theory you would like to discuss together with a short CV to: saskia.geisler@posteo.de

Application deadline: Monday, February 4, 2019

For further information click here.